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Visiting the châteaux of the Loire: the don’ts

The château of the Loire have now become very popular, especially among foreigners visiting France. But then the French, too, now believe strongly in their heritage rich in history and culture, and make sure to visit them at least once in their lives. Like any tourist site, visiting the châteaux of the Loire presents both advantages and disadvantages. Here are some mistakes to avoid if you plan to visit soon these wonders of the Loire.

chateau sullyTrying to visit a maximum of castles for a short time

Because of a lack of time or for a financial-based reason, there will be a tendency to try to visit as many castles as possible during a short period. Knowing that the Loire Valley is home to many castles, it is impossible to see them during a weekend, for example. And it should also be known that visits are charged a fee, so a budget must be set based on the number of castles you want to discover. But the most important thing is not to see a maximum of castles because it is not a race. Take your time. Enjoy what you see and soak up the history and the atmosphere of the place!

Exploring castles on the spur of the moment

As mentioned above, the châteaux of the Loire are very large in number. It would therefore be unwise to discover them on a whim, without organizing your trip in advance. It is best to find out more information about the castles you should definitely visit, the time it could take, the routes to follow, because the main castles will not necessarily be on the same axis, for example. Thus, there will no nasty surprises. You can set the time and budget that will be necessary.

Chambord_Chateau_02Choosing a group trip without knowing what that implies

Group trip has become very fashionable now. It is the ideal solution for people who are not very keen on the idea of having to organize their own travel. If a group trip has its advantages, including the fact that everything is organized for you and all you have to do is to arrive on time at the appointment, it also has its drawbacks. If you are not sure to like groups, you’d better avoid it, especially if you don’t like noise, common programs, spend a long time with strangers, queuing for food… and the list goes on!

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